As most of us are likely to be stuck at home for the next few months, there’s no better time for parents to teach their children chess.

My name is Richard James: I’ve been teaching chess in the Twickenham area since 1972. My views on children’s chess are rather different from those of most chess teachers, which is why I prefer to work as a freelance consultant. To be brief, I believe that, although bright children with proactive parents can benefit from starting chess young, the game is, because of its complexity, more suitable for older children and adults. Younger children will, in most cases, derive more enjoyment and benefit from learning to master simpler games first, only moving onto chess when they’re ready.

I’m the author of the Amazon best seller Chess for Kids and The Right Way to Teach Chess to Kids.

I offer three services, all of which can be tailored to individual requirements:

1. Minichess: introducing chess to younger children through a series of simple games, puzzles and activities

2. Chess Heroes: tuition and coaching materials for children who have learned the basic principles and want to compete successfully in tournaments

3. Spectrum Chess: using chess and strategy games to help children with an ASD diagnosis develop social skills

At present I can provide free coaching books and other materials, and free lessons via phone, email or online (Zoom).

If you’re interested please contact me for a preliminary consultation.

One thought on “Chess under Lockdown

  1. Hi, my 11 year old daughter would be keen to take you up on the free tuition. She knows the basics but that’s about it.


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